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| 2010/01/08 00:00

Fog of War Demystified by Financial 'Power Law'

Jan 8--Find out how the rhythms of Wall Street could help to predict patterns of enemy combatant attacks, potentially saving the lives of both soldiers and civilians.

Fog of War Demystified by Financial 'Power Law'

War is hell, but scientists are learning more about the devil that governs major conflicts.

Attacks and casualties as a result of modern warfare can now be predicted using a mathematical model developed by scientists in the United States, the United Kingdom and Colombia. The research could save the lives of soldiers in the field or prevent future attacks.

"When you hear about these attacks on the news at night, they just sound haphazard," said Neil Johnson, a scientist at the University of Miami in Florida and a co-author on a recent paper in the journal Nature. "But when we looked at them, we found that there were universal relationships across conflicts."

To find these relationships, the scientists first spent years gathering data about nearly 55,000 separate acts of violence from nine different conflicts, from the deserts of Iraq to the mountains of Colombia.
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