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| 2009/04/08 00:00

Furious Garcia Marquez denies he will never write again

Apr 08 -- The venerable Nobel prize-winning author Gabriel Garcia Marquez has set pages fluttering in publishing circles by furiously denying reports that he'll never write again.

Furious Garcia Marquez denies he will never write again

"Not only is that not true, but what is true is that I do nothing else but write," Garcia Marquez said at the weekend. The 82-year-old Colombian father of magical realism, who is probably the best known living author in the Spanish-speaking world, was pressed by the Bogota newspaper El Tiempo on whether it was true that he was to publish no more books.

He replied: "I'm a writer, not a publisher. But only I know when the cakes I'm baking in the oven are ready to eat." Garcia Marquez has been a literary giant since the publication of his virtuosic 1967 epic One Hundred Years of Solitude. But he has not published a book since the semi-autobiographical novel Memorias de mis putas tristes (Memories of my Melancholy Whores) appeared in 2004.
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