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| 2010/07/13 00:00

Getting better every day

July 13--Recently, Colombia achieved yet another milestone as Latin America's longest running democracy. Voters overwhelmingly elected former Defense Minister Juan Manuel Santos to replace President Alvaro Uribe, who, enjoying overwhelming popularity, will step down on August 7, after eight years and two very successful terms in office.

Getting better every day

This peaceful election process is the conclusion of a campaign that included an array of candidates representing the full spectrum of political viewpoints. This process included significant voter turnout for both the primary and runoff elections, and a campaign marked by civility, constructive debate and healthy interaction with citizens throughout the country. It has marked a truly proud moment in the democratic history of Colombia.

President-elect Santos has had a long and successful public career as defense, finance and trade minister, and has an outstanding academic background. Joining President-elect Santos as Colombia's new Vice President is Angelino Garzón, a former national trade union leader, secretary of labor, regional governor and ambassador to the United Nations Office in Geneva, which covers the International Labor Organization. Vice President-elect Garzón's first meeting, hours after the election, was on the issue of protection of human rights.

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