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| 2010/02/15 00:00

Gubernatorial candidate wounded, 3 killed in FARC ambush

Feb 15--A gubernatorial candidate in the Colombian province of Guaviare was wounded and several people with him, reportedly including two police officers, were killed Sunday when FARC guerrillas ambushed his party as it was making a campaign trip, police said.

Gubernatorial candidate wounded, 3 killed in FARC ambush

The sources said that Jose Alberto Perez Restrepo was traveling through the jungle region in southern Colombia to a campaign rally in the run-up to the Feb. 28 election, which is taking place under irregular circumstances since the current governor is in jail and on trial for alleged links to the paramilitaries.

Colombian media said that it is presumed that guerrillas with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, tried to kidnap the candidate, but they failed due to intervention by the police and the army.

“The guerrillas stopped him and a shootout ensued,” the conservative leader of Guaviare, Ana Forero, told RCN Radio, adding that Perez was wounded in the gun battle but was “probably safe,” that is to say she presumed his life is not in danger, although the extent and nature of his wounds were not reported.
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