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| 2009/01/26 00:00

Hearing the other voices in Colombia

Jan 26 -- As the new Obama administration comes into focus internationally, anticipation and apprehension grip two distinct Colombian worlds.

Hearing the other voices in Colombia

That of President Alvaro Uribe and his right-wing appointees seems to be hesitating – just a little. Theirs has been the only voice heard in Washington for some time. Should they change their tone?
Has someone noticed that 31 trade unionists were assassinated in the first half of last year, that attacks against the independent judiciary increase or that the government of Colombia continues to commit serious, systematic human rights violations? If so, will these negatives reverberate and expose some other unseemly trends such as the increase in narco-trafficking after billions of U.S. dollars have been spent to slow it? Plan Colombia, begun in the Clinton administration to deal with the stream of drugs to the United States, has been welcomed in its increasingly narrow martial approach from 2001. What now?
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