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| 2009/06/05 00:00

A heightened US military presence in Colombia?

Jun 05 -- A US proposal to invest in a Colombian air base sparks debate

A heightened US military presence in Colombia?

The United States is looking to increase its military presence in Colombia, with a potential $46 million investment in an air base about 120 miles north of Bogota. The request is in the Pentagon’s 2010 budget, which went to Congress last month.

Citing ongoing negotiations, Colombian and American officials won't elaborate on what heightened U.S. military support for the Palanquero air base would actually mean for both countries. All an official at Colombia's Defense Ministry would say is that, "what will happen is a strengthening of cooperation between the United States with Colombia."

The request comes as the contract that allowed the United States to house American personnel and carry out anti-narcotics missions from a base in Manta, Ecuador, is set to expire in November. Ecuador will not renew the 10-year contract.
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