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| 2009/11/11 00:00

Hugo Chavez intensifies conflict threat with Colombia

Nov 11--Hugo Chavez has intensified his country's threat of conflict with Colombia after accusing its South American neighbour of "lies" and "hypocrisy" over hosting US bases.

Hugo Chavez intensifies conflict threat with Colombia

Venezuela says that Alvaro Uribe, the Colombian president and close ally of Washington, is allowing the US government a dangerous foothold in the region by giving its troops access to Colombia's military bases.

Mr Uribe reacted angrily and urged the United Nations to investigate this week when Mr Chavez told his army to prepare for war with Colombia.
The Colombian leader denied Venezuela's charge saying that the military agreement with America exists to combat drug traffickers and leftist guerrillas.

Mr Chavez is backed by fellow Left-wing leaders in the region, such as Ecuador's Rafael Correa, and the growing dispute is threatening trade and regional stability.
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