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| 2010/04/21 00:00

Icelandic Volcano Ruins Colombia Flower Growers' Mothers Day

April 21--The ash cloud caused by the Icelandic volcano's eruption will have devastating effects as far away as Colombia, where all the jets flying flowers to Europe for Mother's Day were grounded for four or five days.

Icelandic Volcano Ruins Colombia Flower Growers' Mothers Day

"During the previous couple of weeks ahead of Mother's Day, 20 to 25 cargo planes full of flowers are leaving Colombia each day for Europe and the U.S.," Andrea Gonzalez, the economic director of Asocolflores, an industry group, told Dow Jones in a telephone interview. About half the flights are bound to Europe, mainly to Amsterdam's Schiphol airport, she said.

After the Eyjafjallajokull volcano erupted in Iceland, spreading an ash cloud above the northeastern Atlantic Ocean and northern Europe, authorities have closed airports for several days. The airport in Amsterdam, the world's center of the flower trade, was closed between April 15 and Tuesday.

The rush to Mother's Day represents about 12% of annual sales for Colombian growers and is the second-most lucrative season after Valentine's Day in mid-February, Gonzalez said. Exporters had already suffered in February, because of unusual frost in the Colombian highlands, where a large part of the greenhouses are located.
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