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In Colombia, Pillories and the Lonely Planet People

July 21--I love visiting Colombia, for much the same reasons that I love visiting the Bronx: both are saddled with outdated reputations that scare people away from visiting, which makes for fewer visitors, which makes them even better places to visit.

In Colombia, Pillories and the Lonely Planet People

So when I arrived at 5 a.m. last Tuesday in the sleepily romantic colonial city of Popayán, capital of the Cauca department in southwest Colombia, I figured the only problem in finding a place to stay would be waking up the overnight clerk in whichever hotel was closest to the bus station.

I was met with a rude surprise: Popayán had been discovered! Not by tourists, mind you, but by the International Conference of Educational Information Technology, which had snapped up pretty much every decent hotel room in town.
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