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| 2009/07/14 00:00

Investigation of Corruption by Colombian Attorney-General

Jul 14-- Recognizes Harassment in Emblematic Case of Baseless Prosecution of Activist

Investigation of Corruption by Colombian Attorney-General

The Colombian Attorney General has ordered a criminal investigation of Sucre prosecutor Rodolfo Martinez Mendoza for alleged corruption in connection with his baseless prosecution of renowned activist Carmelo Agamez. While Agamez remains unjustly detained, Human Rights First hopes that the Attorney General's decision to reassign the case to a prosecutor in Bogota will herald his imminent release.

"We congratulate the Attorney General for increasingly recognizing the widespread nature of baseless prosecutions against Colombian human rights defenders," said Andrew Hudson, Senior Associate at Human Rights First. "We urge that Agamez and many other defenders be promptly released from unjust detention and that the trumped-up charges against them be dropped."
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