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| 2010/05/11 00:00

Is this showoff fit to be Colombia's president?

May 11--Antanas Mockus, the leading candidate in the next elections in Colombia, is a peculiar man.

Is this showoff fit to be Colombia's president?

He has a well-earned reputation as a mathematical genius and an honest official. He was twice mayor of Bogotá, a job he performed gloriously, leaving a trail of extravagant efficacy.

The problem is that his personal puzzle contains a disquieting piece for someone who's running for president of his country. Mockus displays a clear personality disorder: He's a show-off.

He had his picture taken in a Superman costume; as a university dean, he bared his bum to some students who shouted at him while he delivered a speech; for some unknown reason (it isn't easy to find an explanation for this), he urinated publicly on a university lawn; and he was married in the main ring of a circus.

There appear to be other, similar episodes, but these are the ones the press has cited most frequently.

Is it worrisome to have a president who's afflicted with histrionics? U.S. psychiatry, which sets the guidelines in these matters, describes histrionics as one of the many personality disorders and treats it with psychotherapy or anti-depressants that control the flow of serotonin.

Histrionics is a comical relative of exhibitionism and choleric hysteria. It also shows up in narcissistic personalities.
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