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| 2010/03/02 00:00

Juanes trots globe spreading peace message

March 2-- As he wins prizes, plays concerts and makes humanitarian gestures, the Colombian rock star is living the life of a globe-trotter. This week, he will be honored at the BMI Latin Awards in Las Vegas with the organization's President's Award (Interview).

Juanes trots globe spreading peace message

AP: You seriously listen to Tony Bennett's cassette regularly?

Juanes: (Laughing) Not the cassette, I copied it to digital to preserve it, I have it on my computer and yes, of course, I use it a lot.

AP: You just finished recording a song for an album by Herbie Hancock. Can you tell us a bit about it?

Juanes: It was wonderful. We were recording ''La Tierra,'' a song of mine from about 15 or 16 years ago, for ''The Imagine Project,'' an album focused on peace, ecology, respect and coexistence.
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