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| 2009/04/23 00:00

Lessons from Colombia in improving Jakarta's busways

Apr 23 -- Following the success of the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) system in Bogota, Colombia, the city administration in Jakarta is set to collaborate with transport authorities in Bogota to help improve the Transjakarta system.

Lessons from Colombia in improving Jakarta's busways

Indonesian Ambassador to Colombia Michael Menufandu said Bogota's governor had expressed his intention to build a sister-city program with Jakarta.

"Bogota's governor said he wanted to boost cooperation between the two cities by helping with the BRT system and other public facilities," said Menufandu.

"Jakarta can learn from Bogota's TransMilenio bus system to help improve our busways," he told reporters after a meeting with Governor Fauzi Bowo at City Hall on Tuesday.
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