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| 2010/02/11 00:00

Magazine closure deals major blow to investigative reporting

Feb 11--Cambio was well-respected for its investigative journalism, with each edition reporting on scandals and wrongdoing in this South American country that has been in the grip of an armed conflict for nearly five decades.

Magazine closure deals major blow to investigative reporting

What would have happened in Colombia if the financing of former president Ernesto Samper's (1994-1998) election campaign by the Cali cartel had not been uncovered?

What would things be like if the scandal over the links between rightwing politicians and the far-right paramilitaries had been swept under the rug by Congress?

And if the existence of hostages (like Ingrid Betancourt) held by the guerrillas had never been reported, and the country remained indifferent to their plight - would everything be the same today?
Many Colombians have been asking themselves such questions since the recent announcement of the closure of the influential weekly news publication Cambio - to be turned into a monthly general interest magazine - and the dismissal of its two top editors.

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