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Mono Jojoy obituary

October 8--Peasant leader of the Colombian guerrilla organisation Farc

Mono Jojoy obituary

Best known to his comrades and the world at large as "Mono Jojoy", Jorge Briceño, who has died aged 57 in a military raid on his stronghold, was the last surviving peasant leader of one of the world's oldest, active guerrilla organisations, the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (Farc).

With a reputation as a dour and implacable exponent of "revolutionary justice", Briceño will be mourned by few of his compatriots. The popularity of the Colombian president Juan Manuel Santos, who is committed to putting the Farc out of business, shot up to 88% in one poll after the military offensive that cost the guerrilla leader and many other Farc members their lives.

After a life spent almost entirely in the jungles and mountains of Colombia, the details of his biography remain vague. What is known about him comes mainly from his enemies in the army, from guerrilla deserters and from survivors of the kidnappings that were one of his hallmarks. Some sources give his place of birth as the municipality of Cabrera, in the department of Cundinamarca; others say he was born in Boyacá department on the slopes of the eastern Andes.
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