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| 2009/03/04 00:00

Obama should press for Colombia free-trade pact

Mar 04 -- The deal has languished in Congress. Under Obama's trade agenda, it has a future.

Obama should press for Colombia free-trade pact

President Obama's trade agenda is nothing if not ambitious. His just-released policy statement, titled "Making Trade Work for American Families," ties trade to energy efficiency and environmental concerns, entrepreneurship and market competition, workers' rights and global competitiveness. Of course, it remains to be seen how all of these interests will fit into one coherent policy.

To be fair, presidents' annual trade statements are typically broad on goals and sketchy on specifics, and in this respect Obama's is no different from those of his predecessors. But the global economic crisis gives his agenda a certain urgency. Businesses, labor organizations and our trading partners around the world are waiting for a strong, clear position on trade from the president, who says he supports free trade but also has quibbles with the North American Free Trade Agreement. Obama could clarify his position and ameliorate fears of renewed protectionism by pressing for quick approval of the long-stalled free-trade pact with Colombia
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