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On Fidel Castro’s book Peace in Colombia

Nov 13 -- During recent months various events in Colombia have been commented on by Fidel in his habitual "Reflections," published in the Cuban press.

On Fidel Castro’s book Peace in Colombia

The humanitarian operation sponsored by Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez, which culminated in the release on January 10 of Clara Rojas and Consuelo González, held by the guerrilla forces. Then came the military incursion of March 1, with U.S. assistance, and the massacre on Ecuadorian territory of combatants in the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC) and young people of other nationalities, in flagrant violation of the sovereignty of a foreign country, condemned a few days later in the Río Group meeting in the Dominican capital. And then the release of former presidential candidate Ingrid Betancourt and another 14 people in an action that relied on U.S. logistic support and intelligence, all of which motivated successive appreciations by the leader of the Cuban Revolution on the connotations of the events and their political and ethical implications in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Starting from a question that he asks himself – Was I objective and fair in my analysis of Marulanda and the Communist Party of Colombia in the "Reflections" published on July 5, 2008? – Fidel wrote La paz en Colombia (Peace in Colombia), the revealing title of a book published by Editora Política, on which he spent 400 long and arduous hours of documentation, analysis and drafting.

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