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| 2010/09/20 00:00

On the Colombian Coast, Natural Beauty, Gritty Charm

September 20--It's not called the Parque de Los Novios — Park of the Newlyweds — for nothing.

On the Colombian Coast, Natural Beauty, Gritty Charm

Young couples lock arms as they stroll past rows of freshly planted flowers. A Sinatra love ballad sung in Spanish echoes from a corner dive bar. Aside from a few mustachioed, sombrero-clad men playing a board game, it seemed as if everyone on this breezy August evening was on a romantic sabbatical.
Yet this square in the center of Santa Marta, a port city along the Caribbean coast of Colombia, was not always a streetlamp-lighted refuge of romance. Just a few years back, the park was a tumbledown area trafficked mostly by prostitutes and petty criminals.

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