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| 2008/10/03 00:00

OP-ED: Villegas ready to make impact on homeland

Oct 3 -- There's a young boy hanging around the streets of Medellin, Colombia. He's got a well-used soccer ball tucked under his arm and he wears the blue jersey of the revered 2001 national team that won the Copa America. He's always wanted to grow up to be like Carlos Valderrama, captain of three World Cup teams. Until recently. Now, he wants to be The Spiderman.

OP-ED: Villegas ready to make impact on homeland

Camilo Villegas has started to grow into a national hero in his home country. When he returned home after winning the BMW Championship, word leaked out to the local media and they were waiting for him at the airport. Perhaps it was Vice President Francisco Santos who told them; he called Villegas to offer his congratulations.

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