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Opening gambits

August 12--Juan Manuel Santos takes charge

Opening gambits

HE MAY have owed his election as president to the popularity of Álvaro Uribe, whom he served as defence minister. But Juan Manuel Santos has his own priorities. Where Mr Uribe dedicated his eight years in office to “democratic security”, to beating back left-wing guerrillas and demobilising right-wing paramilitaries, at his inauguration on August 7th Mr Santos promised “democratic prosperity”. It is already clear that his government will be more technocratic and more centrist than Mr Uribe’s populist conservatism.

There will be no let-up in the security drive against the FARC guerrillas. But Mr Santos said the door to peace talks was “not locked”, provided the guerrillas released hostages and ended all hostilities. While Mr Uribe quarrelled with the judiciary, one of Mr Santos’s first acts as president was to meet senior judges, offering a new relationship. German Vargas Lleras, the new interior minister, withdrew a bill presented by his predecessor that would have ended the independence of the attorney-general. He offered to consult on a new bill.
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