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| 2010/03/08 00:00

Paramilitaries, successors still terrorizing Colombia

March 8--A reemergence of the paramilitaries, and their successors, are terrorizing Colombia anew.

Paramilitaries, successors still terrorizing Colombia

For some human rights activists, the new face of violence in Colombia comes with a familiar mask.

While a female activist was providing assistance to a woman victim of the paramilitaries at the victim's home in Antioquia, five men wearing balaclavas broke into the house, raped both women and warned the rights defender to stop doing human rights work.

The men who attacked them -- the rights worker feared having her name used -- were members of what Human Rights Watch calls the ``successor groups'' to Colombia's long-feared right-wing paramilitary groups, most of which demobilized under a deal with the government of President Alvaro Uribe.

In a new report released here Wednesday, called Paramilitaries Heirs: The New Face of Violence in Colombia, the U.S.-based NGO said the successor groups pose a growing threat to human rights and security in Colombia.
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