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| 2009/05/27 00:00

Queen's geologist helps in search for Colombia’s ‘disappeared’

May 27 -- A Queen's University geologist has been helping Colombian police recover the bodies of thousands of the country’s ‘disappeared’, it emerged yesterday.

Queen's geologist helps in search for Colombia’s ‘disappeared’

Dr Alastair Ruffell from Queen’s School of Geography, Archaeology and Palaeoecology joined a team of international experts at the first Ibero-American conference in Forensic Geology in the Colombia — the first conference of its kind in South America.

Dr Ruffell was involved in the search for one of Northern Ireland’s ‘disappeared’ — Belfast woman Jean McConville — in 2002 and has been asked for his opinion on other disappeared cases.

He has also been involved in searches for missing persons throughout Ireland and Europe.
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