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| 2008/11/07 00:00

Revealed: The secrets of Colombia's murderous Castaño brothers

Nov 7 -- When their father was killed by Marxist guerrillas, Fidel, Carlos and Vicente Castaño swore revenge. Nearly 30 years and 140,000 victims later, their legacy of violence lives on. Jeremy McDermott, who has followed the brothers' trail of terror across Colombia for more than a decade, reveals the secrets of the country's most feared criminal family

Revealed: The secrets of Colombia's murderous Castaño brothers

I have been queuing outside Itagui prison on the outskirts of Medellín every other Saturday. Housed inside the maximum-security prison in Colombia's Antioquia province are some of the world's most prolific mass murderers and drug lords.

Each weekend I come here to try to see a man who blends both of those criminal 'qualities'. Hebert Veloza was the right-hand man and chief assassin to Vicente Castaño, one of three brothers who built up Colombia's illegal paramilitary army, the United Self Defence Forces of Colombia (AUC), that in 2006 demobilised more than 30,000 fighters.

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