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“Revenues Go to a Farc Radio Station”

Oct 7 -- Ulrik Kohl, member of the Danish solidarity organization Fighters + Lovers and currently in jail under charges of supporting terrorist organizations, was interviewed by a reporter of Junge Welt, a Berlin based leftist newspaper.

“Revenues Go to a Farc Radio Station”

In an interview published in the print edition of the German newspaper Junge Welt on Tuesday 7th October, Ulrik Kohl, one of the two members of the Danish organization Fighters + Lovers (F+L) sentenced to six months of prison for having sent financial aids to Farc and Pflp (Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine), stated that he and his group consider Farc and Pflp “freedom organizations”, who “fight with a progressive perspective”. “For this reason, they serve as an example for others”, he said.

“Of course, we make traditional political propaganda”, Mr. Kohl said. “We published a book, for instance, to explain why we stand up for liberation movements; however, we offer less traditional stuff, too. For example we have launched a fragrance collection: perfumes and colognes called ‘Ramallah Nights’ and ‘Selva’”, he added. “The revenues go to a Farc radio station and to a Pflp printing press”, he said.

The goal of this new initiative remains the same as in other occasions: “We want to challenge the criminalization of left-winged organizations motivated by European Union’s antiterror-laws.” Nor has Mr. Kohl’s view of the situation in Colombia and Palestine changed: “After all, Colombia is everything but a democracy, and Israel’s occupation of West-Jordan and of the Gaza-strip is illegal”, he said to Junge Welt reporter Wladek Flakin.

After a first instance last November, when seven members of F+L were absolved by a District Court in Copenhagen from accusations of having supported a Farc radio station, Ulrik Kohl and Michael Schoelhardt—both leading members of F+L—were sentenced to six months in jail in a second instance on September 18th. Other four Danish citizens, also part of F+L, were condemned to prison between six weeks and four months.

“Comparing this with the maximum ten-year-penalty our sentence has been quite mild; nevertheless, we will not accept it, and we will take the case up to the Supreme Court”, Mr. Kohl said in the interview.

Unofficial Translation by Semana International. Go to Junge Welt to read the full text in German.

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