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| 2010/03/23 00:00

Sanin wins Colombian conservative candidacy

March 23--Colombia's former foreign minister Noemi Sanin won the country's Conservative Party candidacy for May's presidential election in a decision that risks splitting President Alvaro Uribe's political coalition.

Sanin wins Colombian conservative candidacy

Sanin, the only female presidential candidate, will challenge front-runner Juan Manuel Santos in the election and try to leverage her party's strong results in Sunday's legislative vote as capital for her run at the top job.

Uribe, popular for his U.S.-backed security campaign against leftist guerrillas, must step aside after two terms. He leaves six serious candidates competing to replace him as president of the world's No. 3 coffee exporter.

"I call on my party to unite," Sanin said in a victory speech at her Bogota headquarters.

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