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| 2010/03/29 00:00

Santos, Sanin favoured in Colombia election race-poll

March 29--Former Colombian Defence Minister Juan Manuel Santos leads the race for May's presidential vote, but would likely face Conservative candidate Noemi Sanin in a June run-off, a poll said on Sunday.

Santos, Sanin favoured in Colombia election race-poll

President Alvaro Uribe, a key U.S. ally in the region, steps down this year after two terms dominated by his campaign against rebels and any candidate to succeed him will likely stick close to his popular security and investment policies.

Santos, head of Uribe's U Party, would win 36 percent of the votes and Sanin, a former foreign minister, 17 percent in the first round, according to local pollster Ipsos-Napoleon Franco printed in Semana weekly news magazine.

Sunday's poll results mirror two recent surveys showing the June run-off will likely be between Santos and Sanin, who both claim to be heirs to Uribe's successful security campaign and promise to bring more social and economic development.
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