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| 2008/10/27 00:00

Sarah Palin finds new 'Joe the Plumber'

Oct 27 -- Tito Munoz, a Colombian-born US citizen who runs his own construction business in Virginia, has happily taken on the role of successor to Joe the Plumber, the Ohio labourer whose challenge to Senator Barack Obama about his plans for higher taxes has been seized on by the Democrat's opponents.

Sarah Palin finds new 'Joe the Plumber'

"Good morning, Virginia!" boomed Mr Munoz, standing proudly in his work gear, hard hat and black wrap-around sunglasses despite darkening clouds overhead. "I am Tito Munoz, but you can call me Tito the Builder. I have been called [here] by two great Americans who stand for freedom, they are John McCain and Sarah Palin."
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