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| 2009/11/24 00:00

Shakira shakes it up with new album

Nov 24--Her hips may not lie, but Shakira's fingernails sure know how to do some damage. The pop singer has gone all wolflike for her new album, out Monday.

Shakira shakes it up with new album

It's called "She Wolf" -- awoooooooooooh! -- and the pop singer wants everybody to know it's OK to get in touch with your animal side. Just listen to the album's title track:

"Sitting across the bar, staring right at her prey. It's going well so far, she's gonna get her way."

Look out, boys!

This is the third English-language album from the Colombian native, and it turns the volume up on thumping dance floor beats.

"I did want an album where the kick hit really hard," Shakira says. "And I wanted to explore synthesizers but still keep the fusion of different elements and influences that come from different cultures. So you're going to find a lot of Indian, Middle Eastern, Colombian and Jamaican influences, but all within this electronic context."

We crashed Shakira's dressing room recently at a New York theatre where she was readying for a performance. Dressed in the same sexy black peep-toe boots she wears in the "She Wolf" video ("I can't take them off!"), she was polite and soft-spoken during the interview.

Mind you, the moon hadn't yet come out...
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