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| 2009/10/06 00:00

Shakira – She Wolf

Oct 6--The Colombian pop diva indulges in a spot of lycanthropy in her new video, pioneering a weird and wobbly dance style. And all from inside a giant vagina ...

Shakira – She Wolf

t's funny, just when you think there's nothing new to be seen in the world of music videos, along comes, er, Shakira. Her single She Wolf has been praised to the stars, but I think we should also preserve the video for posterity. Why? Because it's awesome.
Werewolves are hot property at the moment, and from the moment the full moon shines through the bedroom curtains you get the sense that this song might be another addition to the werewolf canon. Well, that and the howling. And the fact the song's called She Wolf. Those are also some good clues.
Shakira is seen getting out of bed, standing in the moonlight and growing the kind of nails that makes you wonder how she goes to the lavatory, since pulling her knickers up would risk multiple lacerations. Yet, even though she has fingertips like a set of fancy knitting needles, Shakira manages to lace and buckle two boots. This is a sure sign of her power.
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