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| 2009/09/07 00:00

A She-Wolf in Paris

Sept 07--From Indian influences to a klezmer-inflected clarinet solo, Shakira’s new album, She Wolf, is as meltingly multi-culti as the Lebanese-Colombian singer herself. But Michael Roberts went 100 percent Parisian, photographing Shakira in this season’s Dior, Chanel, and Gaultier, with a touch of Cartier bling. The author, meanwhile, finds himself oddly charmed by the way she howls.

A She-Wolf in Paris

At this point, half a year into the Obama presidency, it’s probably boorish, or just plain boring, to make note of Shakira’s Lebanese-Colombian muttness. Still, a large part of her appeal—aside from her rangy voice and singularly athletic way with a belly dance—is the melting pot she brews her records in. She has spent the last year writing and producing a new one, She Wolf, which will be out in October. Here’s her description of it (over the phone, alas, from her home in the Bahamas): “I have music from India, the Middle East, dancehall, a little bit of Colombian influences. I always loved disco, so the new record has disco elements, but also house—it’s electropop.” All that, and yet she somehow forgot to mention the klezmer-inflected clarinet solo on one track.
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