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| 2009/04/29 00:00

Spain Willing to Aid Colombia’s Peace Process

Apr 29 -- Prime Minister Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero told Colombia’s Alvaro Uribe on Tuesday that Spain is ready to offer Bogota whatever help it can in settling the Andean nation’s decades-old internal conflict.

Spain Willing to Aid Colombia’s Peace Process

The Colombian president on Tuesday began a two-day official visit to Spain.

The Spanish government announced that during the meeting, Zapatero expressed to Uribe “the solidarity of Spain in the struggle against violence and drug trafficking” and Madrid’s willingness “to continue cooperating, if Colombian authorities feel the same way, in the ... peace processes.”

Spain is collaborating with Norway and Switzerland in the dialogue with Colombia’s ELN rebel group and is participating with Switzerland and France in the mediation process for the release of hostages with the larger FARC insurgency.
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