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| 2009/03/29 00:00

The Colombian/Mexican alliance

Mar 30 -- Within the history of global drug trafficking, the time when the cartels of Medellin and Cali controlled everything, from the coca, marijuana and opium plantations to selling the drugs on the streets, is well and truly in the past.

The Colombian/Mexican alliance

That was the viewpoint expressed to BBC Mundo in Bogota, by the Colombian Anti-Narcotics Police and spokespersons of the US Drug Enforcement Agency (DEA). Both organisations agree that now the cartels are different and the drug trafficking business is much more segmented. This explains the close alliance which exists between the Colombian and Mexican cartels.

BBC Mundo interviewed a spokesman for the DEA. He asked to remain anonymous but informed us: "The sale and wholesale distribution of cocaine to the US is now dominated by the Mexican cartels of Sinaloa and the Gulf."

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