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| 2009/04/20 00:00

The state of US-Colombia relations

Apr 20 -- Is President Obama cooling to a traditional American ally?

The state of US-Colombia relations

Last week, a government press release celebrated the news that Colombia’s President Alvaro Uribe and U.S. President Barack Obama were arranging a private meeting at the Summit of the Americas. But the news coming out of the press office on Friday squashed the excitement: The meeting was off.

Whether a snub to Colombia or a simple matter of logistic impossibility, the cancelled meeting is one more signal of a shift in the traditionally close and special relationship between the U.S. and Colombia.

“I think it’s an indication that [Obama] wants to strengthen relationships with other countries, and I don’t think that Colombia is as fundamental to U.S. objectives in the region,” says John Lindsay-Poland of the Fellowship of Reconciliation, a U.S. human rights group with programs in Colombia.
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