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| 2010/01/07 00:00

The third cut is the deepest

Jan 7--Playwright concludes trilogy with harrowing drama of Colombia's child soldiers

The third cut is the deepest

When a boy barely in his teens tells you how he murdered his best friend, it's not something you're likely to forget.

"I came back to my village and wore a balaclava so no one would recognize me," said the young Colombian boy named Elicier, "but my friend saw my eyes and said, `I know you,' so I had to kill him. I hugged him very tight as I shot him, so he wouldn't go into death alone."

Beatriz Pizano heard many such stories when she returned to her native Colombia to do research for La Comunión, which begins performances Tuesday at Buddies in Bad Times Theatre.

It's the third play in Pizano's trilogy about the armed conflict that has been going on in that country for the past half century. Having dealt with issues of culture and family in the first two plays (For Sale and Madre), she concludes with the grimmest reality of the struggle: children who become revolutionary soldiers.
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