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| 2010/04/08 00:00

Uribe Demands Explanation for Arrests in Venezuela

April 8--Colombian President Alvaro Uribe on Wednesday protested the arrests of eight Colombians on spying accusations in Venezuela, saying his government is concerned about their treatment.

Uribe Demands Explanation for Arrests in Venezuela

Uribe told radio station ABC of Barranquilla that Colombia's foreign ministry will ask President Hugo Chavez's government to explain the arrests, and he urged international human rights groups to monitor the case.

''We request that the human rights of these citizens be fully respected,'' he said.

The arrests have escalated long-standing tensions between Chavez's socialist administration and Colombia's U.S.-allied government.

Chavez said Tuesday that the eight Colombians were arrested on suspicion of spying more than a week ago. He said they had computers and satellite telephones and were using cameras to take photographs of Venezuelan power plants.
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