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| 2010/02/12 00:00

U.S. agenda may delay Colombia Trade Deal: Minister

Feb 12--Support for a free-trade pact with Colombia is growing among Democrats long opposed to it, but midterm elections and a full domestic agenda may further delay the deal, Bogota's defense minister said on Thursday.

U.S. agenda may delay Colombia Trade Deal: Minister

Democrats seem encouraged by President Barack Obama's will to get the long-postponed deal passed to boost exports, minister Gabriel Silva told reporters in Washington after meeting with Senator Chris Dodd, a Democrat from Connecticut, an influential voice within his party.

"He is optimistic. The Democratic Party, in the voice of President Obama, has expressed the goal of reaching the approval of the free-trade agreement," he said.

But he said Dodd "mentioned this is a complex electoral year with a very heavy domestic agenda", referring to stalled debates on healthcare reform and pressing demand to create jobs.
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