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| 2009/10/27 00:00

Venezuela Accuses Colombia of Spying in Slay Probe

Oct 27--Venezuela accuses Colombians of spying while helping investigate killings of 10 men on border

Venezuela Accuses Colombia of Spying in Slay Probe

President Hugo Chavez's government accused Colombia on Monday of using its state security agency to spy on Venezuela while purportedly helping investigate the killings of eight Colombians.

Venezuela sent a diplomatic protest note saying officials of Colombia's DAS state security agency were "detected carrying out espionage work and attempting to bribe."

Venezuela did not give details in its statement but said authorities seized documents referring to a conspiracy to destabilize its government. It also demanded the DAS halt the espionage.

Colombia has offered help in investigating the slayings of 10 men — eight Colombians, a Venezuelan and a Peruvian — whose bodies were found in the Venezuelan border state of Tachira on Saturday. Venezuelan authorities have said relatives told them the men were kidnapped from a soccer field where their team was playing near the border Oct. 11.
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