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| 2009/11/23 00:00

Venezuela captures wanted Colombian fugitive

Nov 23--Venezuelan authorities have captured a former Colombian official wanted for collaborating with outlawed right-wing paramilitary fighters.

Venezuela captures wanted Colombian fugitive

Magally Moreno, 39, is wanted by Colombian authorities on charges of aggravated homicide and Interpol had called for her arrest, Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami said Saturday.

He said police captured Moreno in the western city of Maracaibo on Thursday. She held an important role for the United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, and also had links to high-ranking officials including a former attorney general, he said.

Moreno has "extremely important information," and authorities are investigating whether she also committed crimes within Venezuela, El Aissami said.

He suggested she may have information about links between paramilitary groups and Colombian officials â?? a subject President Hugo Chavez has been emphasizing amid tensions with Colombia's U.S.-allied government.

Moreno used to work as an investigator for Colombian prosecutors. She was detained in 2003 and accused of aiding militias along with her boss, Ana Maria Florez.
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