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| 2009/11/10 00:00

Venezuela, Colombia in war of words

Nov 10--The Colombian government said it would appeal to international bodies over what it called a threat made over the weekend by Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez.

Venezuela, Colombia in war of words

On his weekly Sunday television show, Chavez ordered the Venezuelan military to begin preparations for a war with the neighboring country, warning of a conspiracy between Colombia and the United States to attack Venezuela.

"The two governments have joined together to fool the world or to try to fool the world," Chavez said.

Addressing his military commanders, he added, "Let's not waste a single day in the preparation of our main mission: to prepare ourselves for war and to help the people prepare for war. It's everyone's responsibility."

On Sunday Colombia's government responded, saying it has not undertaken any hostile actions toward Venezuela. Colombia said it would ask for intervention from the United Nations Security Council and the Organization of American States.

A Colombian government spokesman, Cesar Mauricio Velasquez, called Chavez's remarks "war threats."
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