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| 2010/03/01 00:00

Venezuela 'helped Eta and Farc plot against Uribe'

March 1st--A Spanish judge has accused the Venezuelan government of assisting two rebel groups which plotted to kill Colombia's President Alvaro Uribe.

Venezuela 'helped Eta and Farc plot against Uribe'

udge Eloy Velasco charged six members of Basque separatist group Eta and seven members of Colombian rebel group Farc with various offences.

He said he believed Farc had asked for Eta's help in a plot to kill Colombian officials in Spain, including Mr Uribe.

He said the two groups benefited from "Venezuelan government co-operation".

In a 26-page indictment Mr Velasco said an investigation launched in 2008 has turned up evidence "that demonstrates Venezuelan governmental co-operation in the illicit collaboration between Farc and Eta".

Both groups are listed as terrorist organisations by the US and EU.
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