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| 2009/10/28 00:00

Venezuela says it has captured pair of Colombian spies

Oct 28--Venezuelan authorities have captured two Colombian spies, says President Hugo Chavez, who also accuses the United States of being behind efforts to destabilize his leftist government.

Venezuela says it has captured pair of Colombian spies

The Colombian Administrative Department of Security, known by its Spanish acronym DAS, denies any espionage against Venezuela.

Chavez said the two Colombians will be put on trial.

"When a hostile government increases its investigations, daring to violate international accords ... that indicates there are plans against Venezuela, and behind those Colombians is the hand of the CIA and the U.S.," Chavez said Tuesday. "Respect us like we respect Colombian sovereignty."

Francisco Arias Cardenas, the Venezuelan vice minister of foreign affairs for Latin America, said the government sent a protest note to the Colombian Foreign Ministry.

"DAS agents were captured spying, which violates the agreements of the Charter of Nations between brother countries, and we reject such actions," Arias Cardenas said Tuesday.
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