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Will anyone in Colombia buy Ingrid Betancourt's new book?

September 28--Today's release of Ingrid Betancourt's book, 'Even Silence has an End,' about her six years in captivity in a guerrilla camp, was marked by calls to boycott her memoir.

Will anyone in Colombia buy Ingrid Betancourt's new book?

Former rebel hostage Ingrid Betancourt launched her book “Even Silence has an End” Tuesday in six languages and 14 countries. Even before it hit bookshelves, it had already caused controversy here amid outrage over her multimillion-dollar demand for damages from the Colombian state.
Fernando Osa, manager of the Librería Nacional bookstore chain, says that when news of Ms. Betancourt’s demand emerged in July, he polled his customers on the bookstore’s website about whether they would buy her book once it was published.

“Eighty-nine percent said they wouldn’t,” he says. “With such an overwhelming rejection, I cut back my order of copies.”
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