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| 2010/07/30 00:00

Colombia proves again that Venezuela is harboring FARC terrorists

Colombia's presentation to the Organization of American States about Venezuela's hosting of the FARC terrorist movement prompted a flurry of speculation about the motives of Álvaro Uribe, Colombia's outgoing president.

Colombia proves again that Venezuela is harboring FARC terrorists

Why, it was asked, did he want to end his eight years in office in another confrontation with Venezuelan strongman Hugo Chávez? Could he be trying to sabotage his successor, Juan Manuel Santos, who is due to take office on Aug. 7?

Allow us to offer a simple explanation: Mr. Uribe, who has devoted his presidency to rescuing Colombia from armed gangs of both the left and the right, is deeply frustrated by Venezuela's continuing support for the FARC -- and by the failure of the international community to hold Mr. Chávez accountable for it. Before leaving office, Mr. Uribe felt compelled to make one more effort to call attention to a problem that, were it occurring in the Middle East, would surely be before the U.N. Security Council.
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