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| 2010/07/09 00:00

Colombia's New Economic Reality

As Colombian President Alvaro Uribe prepares to hand off power to his successor Juan Manuel Santos, who was elected in last week's runoff election, it is a good time to reflect on the dramatic changes the country has undergone in the past decade.

Colombia's New Economic Reality

Viewing security as a top priority, President Uribe's administration took strategic steps to stabilize Latin America's oldest democracy and motivate positive change in Colombia. At the same time, in an effort to improve the country's economy, a strong focus was directed towards the attraction of foreign direct investment, and has led to increased wealth in the country.

With security and economic fundamentals vastly improved, innovation and exploration of untapped resources are now propelling Colombia forward as an emerging investment location. Increasingly recognized as a country with vast potential, Colombia's biggest challenge is to close the "image gap" between the public's perception of Colombia and Colombia's new reality.
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