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Army colonel captured for Trujillo massacre

Army colonel captured for Trujillo massacre

Colonel of the Colombian Army Wilfredo Ruiz Silva and former noncommissioned officer Jairo Trejos Parra, were captured this morning for their alleged responsibility in the Trujillo massacre. Ruiz Silva is also being charged with alleged criminal conspiracy and homicide. According to the attorney general’s office many other military and police officials may have participated in these crimes.

The attorney general had ordered on Monday the preventive detention of Rubén Dario Agudelo Puerta, former president of the assembly of Valle (a state in the south of Colombia) for his alleged responsibility for criminal conspiracy and aggravated homicide by omission during the massacres, that took place while he was mayor of the town.

More than 245 people were killed during 1986 and 1994 in the town of Trujillo (in the department of Valle in the south east of Colombia). These terrible massacres were ordered by noted drug traffickers Henry Loaiza Ceballos, better known as ‘el Alacrán’; and Diego León Montoya, ‘Don Diego’, who are both already in prison. More than 20 people are being charged with the crimes of first degree murder and forced disappearances. Other 60 people are being investigated for this crime as well.

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