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| 2008/12/12 00:00

Colombia and Puerto Rico struck an energy agreement

Colombia and Puerto Rico struck an energy agreement

The governments of Colombia and Puerto Rico formalised on Thursday a deal aimed at studying the possibility of building the world's longest undersea power line which would be able to take electricity between the South American country and the Caribbean island.
The deal was signed in Bogotá and both the Colombian Minister of Foreign Affairs, Jaime Bermúdez, and Puerto Rico’s State Secretary, Fernando Bonilla, were present.

The project must first undergo a series of viability studies, which will be led by two Colombian companies. If the power cable is finally built, it would surpass the one between Norway and the Netherlands, which is currently the longest in the world.

Nevertheless, it still faces some problems, since Puerto Rico will change government soon and the State Secretary elect, Kenneth McClintock, warned that there is still no agreement finalised and it will be reviewed by the new administration.

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