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| 2008/10/06 00:00

Deputy of drug trafficking kingpin ‘Don Mario’ captured

Deputy of drug trafficking kingpin ‘Don Mario’ captured

The capture of Manuel Arturo Salóm Rueda, also known as ‘JL’s, is qualified by Colombian authorities as one of the hardest blows to the mob group of drug trafficker Daniel Rendón Herrera, also known as ‘Don Mario’. He is accused of executing more than 100 murders in the territory of Urabá, in the north of Colombia.

‘JL’, who is 59 years old is a retired sergeant of the Colombian Army who was also part of the paramilitary group AUC. The police intelligence agency (Sipol) informed that there are two arrest warrants against him for the crimes of homicide, kidnapping and criminal conspiracy. He is also thought to be one of the most important men of ‘Don Mario’ and apparently coordinates the finances of the illegal organization.

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