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| 2008/09/26 00:00

Ecuador sends more troops to border with Colombia

Ecuador sends more troops to border with Colombia

According to Ecuador's Defense Minister, Javier Ponce, the South American country has increased the number of troops patroling the frontier with Colombia.
"At this moment there are some military operations in the area, so we have decided to transport our special forces brigade from places like Riobamba and Latacunga", the minister said on television channel two.
He added that "we have spent around 50 million dollars on communication and control systems, apart from motorboats to keep our country safe".
Around 10.000 soldiers and 2.500 policemen patrol the 640 kilometre-border between the two countries, because Colombian drugdealers and ilegal armed groups travel to Ecuador to rest or to look for supplies. Ecuador is a transit country for Colombian drugs shipped to United States or Europe.

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