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| 2008/09/23 00:00

FARC guerrilla ‘El Paisa’ killed in bombing

FARC guerrilla ‘El Paisa’ killed in bombing

Yesterday, Colombian defence minister Juan Manuel Santos confirmed that Farc guerrilla member Aicardo de Jesús Agudelo, also known as ‘El Paisa,’ was killed last weekend during a surprise air bomb attack operation of the Colombian Air Force. He had been accused of being the author of the Urrao massacre and of murdering ex governor of Antioquia Guillermo Gaviria, and his peace advisor Gilberto Echeverry as well as 8 military officers while they where being held hostage by the Farc. Santos said that ‘El Paisa’ was responsible for more than 400 kidnappings as well as more than 500 murders.

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