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| 2010/03/15 00:00

Government coalition wins the legislative elections

Government coalition wins the legislative elections

On Sunday, Colombia held legislative elections to choose 102 senators, 166 representatives, and presidential candidates from the Green and Conservative parties. According to the National Registry Office the final results will be known until Friday, but with 94 percent of the votes counted, the government coalition was the big winner. The pro-government ‘Partido de la U’ (‘U Party’) gained about 27 seats in the Senate, the biggest share among all the parties.

The U party was followed by the Conservative Party (about 23 seats), the Liberal Party (18), the controversial PIN (8), Cambio Radical (8), Polo (8) and the Green Party (4 or 5).

There were no significant violent events that sought to disrupt the voting, but the National Registry Office has been under heavy criticism for the slow release of the results.

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